Hearing Loss & Prevention

At Munk Hearing Centre, we recognize the importance of education and prevention when it comes to hearing loss. We take the time to counsel our patients on their type of hearing loss (e.g. sensorineural, conductive or mixed) and are happy to address any questions you might have.  Hearing loss prevention is important. An audiologist can help you to determine which situations require hearing protection and can make recommendations according to your needs.

Concerned that your hearing is at risk?

Excessive noise exposure can damage your hearing. If you think that you are exposed to too much noise through your occupation or recreational activities, we can help by counselling you on noise reduction techniques and by recommending custom earplugs (if applicable).

Custom Earplugs

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For those who experience bothersome tinnitus, we now offer a program called Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM). PTM is a cost-effective program that has been adopted by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in the United States. Sessions are currently offered on Tuesday afternoons.