Frequently Asked Questions

For most of our services, we do not require a referral from your doctor, although it is recommended. You will need a referral from a physician if the service you are requesting is a hearing test ONLY.

No, hearing tests are covered under OHIP.

The clinic is on the 7th floor – take any elevator within the hospital to the 7th floor, Norman Urquart Wing. We are located in room 820. Follow the signs to the Munk Hearing Centre.

Yes, we prescribe all styles of hearing aids and work with a vast array of hearing aid manufacturers.

Yes. We offer our patients a 90-day trial period. During the trial period, patients come into the clinic for approximately two adjustments. If the patient wants to try another style of hearing aid, they can do so within the trial period. If the patient wishes to return the hearing aids and not purchase new ones, they can do so within the trial period, however there is a one-time restocking fee of $150.

If you do not like your hearing aid you have two options: you can replace the hearing aid with a new one or return it. There is no additional cost to replacing the hearing aids with a new style, unless the price of the new hearing aid is different. However, if you choose to return the hearing aids and not purchase new ones, you will be fully reimbursed less a $150 restocking fee.

Each hearing aid comes with a 3-year warranty period. During the warranty period, the hearing aids can be sent to the manufacturer to be repaired as many times as needed at no additional cost.

Each hearing aid comes with a 1-time loss/damage warranty that is valid within a certain time period. Please call us for more details if you think you’ve lost your hearing aid(s).

We service adults ages 18 years and over.

HearSoundly is a hearing aid care package that provides unlimited follow-up visits for the duration of the hearing aid warranty period (3 years). This package also provides a 20% discount off hearing aid batteries and accessories and free hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. The majority of our patients find value in this package but we do provide our patients with the option to pay for follow-up visits à la carte instead if that is preferred.

Most of the time, we can reprogram the hearing aids to fit a new hearing loss. However, if your hearing changes drastically, new hearing aids may need to be purchased.

In general, the hearing aid evaluation, fitting and first follow-up appointments are 1 hour and each additional follow-up appointment is 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, we are not able to price match. Our prices have been set to reflect our level of service and expertise. We will always try our best to work within your budget.

It depends. We always do our best to accommodate drop-ins but we can’t guarantee that there will be space in the schedule to resolve your issue. Please call us before making a special trip so that we can collect some details about the problem and advise you of the best time and date to come to avoid an extended wait.

“Prescribing hearing aids is a complex, detailed, and patientspecific process that requires in depth knowledge about human hearing and communication as well as expert clinical judgment. With Master’s or Doctorate degrees in audiology, audiologists are uniquely qualified to perform comprehensive evaluations of hearing to determine whether hearing aids are part of appropriate treatment. Moreover, audiologists are the only regulated healthcare held to stringent professionspecific practice guidelines when prescribing hearing aids.

Some hearing aid dealers and/or hearing aid dispensers/practitioners/”specialists” offer consumers hearing tests and will “select” hearing aids. These unregulated providers do not have degrees in audiology and are not entitled to prescribe hearing aids. Instead, they require a signature from a physician who can legally prescribe hearing aids. This practice, which is already disallowed for the prescription of medicine and eyeglasses, falls far short of professional audiology standards. You have the right to be informed about the credentials and qualifications of health care professionals in whom you place your trust.”