About Us

The Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing at Toronto General Hospital is among the largest and most diverse outpatient audiology and specialty vestibular units in North America.

We work closely with a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. John Rutka. Our clinical team receives specialty training in diagnostic testing that is not available elsewhere in the province. In addition, the collaborative structure of our clinic allows for dialog between our team members and the physicians that we work with, which ensures the highest standards of care with even the most challenging assessments.


Established in 1998, our centre now performs approximately 3,000 comprehensive vestibular assessments every year, which amounts to over 10,000 tests.  We regularly deal with unusual cases that would be almost unheard of in a clinic with more typical testing volumes.

Our collaborative structure means that our entire team learns from these exceptional cases. We have the experience needed to recognize details that might otherwise be missed.


Our clinical team offers unparalleled expertise in audiological and vestibular assessment.  Each member of our team is carefully trained to follow clinical protocols that maximize internal consistency while still allowing room for independent clinical judgement.

Our team members regularly engage in research and teaching. We receive requests from physicians and audiologists – both nationally and internationally – who are interested in observing our practices.


Each test that we offer evaluates a distinct area of the vestibular system, providing essential information about vestibular function. Based on our clinical skills, the breadth of tests that we offer, and the diversity and complexity of the patients we see, our centre is unique within Canada. We pride ourselves on modeling our vestibular assessment practices on the most recent empirical evidence available. The members of our clinical team have the extensive knowledge and attention to detail necessary to evaluate even the most complex patients.